What is colorful, full of fruit, easy to make and won’t last long in your house?
Easy Cranberry and Apple Cake“, that’s what!
Just how pretty is this?
In the mixing bowl (note the color coordination in the red bowl!!)
Yes, this might be a little strange looking and you just might think it was mashed potatoes on top.
Wrong! Butter, eggs, sugar and flour all whipped together…
Hot out of the oven above
and a day later below (note the pie plate and how much emptier it is?)
It’s from Ina Garten and it is SO GOOD. The cranberries are tart, the crust sweet, and it really is somewhere in between a cake and a pudding. Two people could easily devour this in a day!

HERE is the recipe and
HERE is the video if you want a visual with Ina Garten.

And… for another great dessert treat take a look at this
Pecan Pie from my friend Angela at Unexpected Elegance. It’s a family recipe and so easy to make and again, will not last long in your house!


I think I will make both of these for Thanksgiving. I am not an apple or pumpkin pie person; I’m not really a pie person at all. But these two will do just fine!

Comments? Are you going to make one of these?