It’s that time of year again…time to put something warm on the bed at night.
No matter where you live (almost) you will need to amp up the warmth factor for your bed.
Are you a wool blanket person?
Or are you a comforter only person?
Or both?
Wool blankets really DO work. They really, truly keep you warm. Even if you’re a comforter person, it’s still nice to have a blanket folded at the end of the bed: perfect for nap time!
I had fun searching and collecting lots of images and sources for all-wool blankets. No synthetics here and all are full size blankets, not throws.
So take a look….
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And the variety and choice continues:
I really love all the patterned blankets from Eleanor Pritchard
and her site is beautiful!
This one, hand loomed in Nepal, is gorgeous. Maybe my favorite.
But the price? A mere $4,100 at Anichini
Anichini is known for their unusual, luxury goods and here you see why.
This one is made in Morocco and has that almost-vintage-used look. I like the fringe finish..
And for last, the utilitarian blanket from The Company Store:
To see all the blankets I’ve gathered together, take a look at
So many choices, so little time!