The season is winding down.
Yes, even here in central North Carolina, there are not many flowers around.
There are lots of chrysanthemums of course,  and the Nandina berries are getting ready to show color, and the zinnias are hanging on.
The Japanese Anemones are delighting in the cooler, wetter weather!
And here are my white ones, once again, in the midday sunlight.
My sweet Violas:
I put them in the round terra cotta bowl originally bought for my succulents:
I never DID do a post on them, as they were short-lived…who knows why. They look very happy above, but that was temporary! Each one died within a month. I swear I did NOT over water them. They got full sun. The bowl has drainage.
Well, anyway, the bowl has been perfect for the violas!
I’ve been planting tons of pansies and tall snapdragons the last few days.
That is one of the many reasons I LOVE living here: year round gardening and always something in color. It makes a huge difference to me…