On Friday I told you I would have an announcement today.
I do.
It’s not a totally h a p p y announcement.
I am sure you have seen, well, I certainly HOPE you have seen, this:
My very wonderful business partner, Delana, and I have decided to close down our store.
We can’t do it any more.
The cost of importing our fabulous, colorful, unique rugs is just too prohibitive for us to continue.
Our partnership is truly the result of only-these-days social media.
We met through our blogs. I saw her mentioned on another blog (now defunct) and we started our on-line friendship. And somehow, after many “conversations” and emails, we realized that each of us had always wanted to import something (what???) from France. You see, Delana lives in France; in Aix-en-Provence to be exact. And I had seen these rugs several years before, brought some back for myself and family, and was looking for a way to bring them over here and sell.
And so it came to be.
We met up in Paris and realized right away that not only would we be good business partners, but that we were developing a real friendship!
I mean, how perfect can you get?
And so, it started.
Well, three years later it is ending.
We are offering 50% off EVERYTHING in our store until we close on December 20, 2013.
If you are looking for a great DEAL on the rugs, come on over to
We are selling out of our most popular rug colors, so best to take a look pronto and place your order.
Or what about a sachet or two as a Christmas/stocking present? Or the melamine bowls and trays for the perfect gift? Table linens? Or antique bed linens?
I already have many packages ready to ship tomorrow; let us know if we can ship something to you!
In the meantime, thank you to all our faithful followers and friends: we value your friendship and support.