If you’re looking for a pouf you have come to the right place.
And even if you’re not looking for one, I have some fun things to show you!
1. Surya  2. Wisteria  3. Wisteria   4. TeenVogue   5. Jonathan Adler/JCP  6. Etsy
I’m looking for a pouf for my living room.
It is to replace this vintage, made-by-mother, one of a kind needlepoint foot stool:
Blurry, I know. Here it was up North, waiting to be moved down to me.


You can just….see it in front of the fireplace
This stool was perfect for the space! In the winter I would put my feet up on it in the evenings: just the right height, size, weight etc. And P.S. the dogs in the design had belonged to my Mother; you can see her initials at bottom left of stool.
Anyway, said stool has gone to live with my daughter (by prearrangement! otherwise I just might have had to keep it!).
To make a long story even longer, I need something for my feet. I need it to go in front of the arm chair, or under the square table for storage, or in front of the fireplace as extra seating.
Take a look at my Pinterest board to see more ideas.
These are my front runners:
Etsy  in yellow
Garnet Hill  in gray chevron
While I really, really, really like #2 (and it’s the most pinned one on my board), I think I need some round shapes in this room. Everything is square or rectangle. Just as in texture diversity, we need some shape diversity here.
So that brings us to #3 and #4.
#3 I really like for its playfulness and two color theme.
#4 is a “mini pouf” at just 12.5″ high and 16″ wide. This might actually be better in this spot.

Decisions, decisions…

Does anyone out there have a pouf? Which one?

P.S. I’m still considering #5 for its versatility and texture!