For anyone coming to this page since June of 2014 (it is now December 2014):
Botanicus Products are no longer manufactured or sold by the company. I have looked all over to see if they will be back in business, but it seems they are gone….for good. The website, Botanicus, has been bought by another company who has assumed the name. These are not the same products.
I am SO SORRY, as I know you are. They were wonderful products. I have had many, many requests from readers, but I cannot do anything more as there is no way to reach them.
I am truly sorry.
Here is my original post:
Botanicus Products
are made in the U.S.
But that is just one reason I love them.. I discovered them several years ago at a small store at Reagan Airport in Washington, D.C. and bought some of the small candles. Then I saw the booth and met the owners at the New York Gift Show (back in the days when I walked those aisles for hours and hours…).
I am not a “home scent” person. I don’t like anything too perfumy or fruity or cloying or…well…or almost any scent at all. Any candles I use on the dinner table, in the living room or as a decorative element anywhere in our house must be totally unscented. Sometimes these are hard to find!
The one and only exception to this is
Botanicus Green Tea.
I have the candles, the room spray, and now the soap.
I ordered from them last week and these arrived:
What an assortment!
The Santorini Breeze Room Diffuser and the large Red Fruit Candle were requested by my daughter.
Then, I ordered an assortment of small candles, just to try some of their other fragrances:
A Day at the Beach
This is my #1 favorite room spray: Green Tea
Daughter’s order:
When I called we discussed these “Fragrance Puffs”. They are little balls of fragrance, unlike anything I’ve ever seen or used. They sent me some to sample in this nice mesh bag. I’ve had it beside my bed for a few days and it just may stay there permanently. What a lovely way to fall asleep!
This is the jar they come in. You can scatter in drawers, in your car, and put them in mesh bags, or a small bowl.
What a great idea indeed.
Again, that’s
Try them…you will like them.
P.S. If you’re wondering whether I like the other scents I ordered…..well, I’m neutral with them.  But that’s just me. They are done well and I am sure will appeal to most people. It’s just that I am not a scent person, so I’ll stick with my Green Tea thank you very much!