“AugustBreak2013” in pictures:
Day 23 “Sacred”
Gold rush seats at Sacre Coeur, Paris
Day 25 “Sunday Morning”
 Early morning mist on the pond.
Day 26 “YES”

This is summer: fresh figs and raspberries!
Day 27 “Number”
A very important number for me: I live here!
Day 28 “Smell”

Cooling off by the rapids at Chimney Rock, N.C.
Day 29 “Your Fave Thing”

Newest top: in real orange! Can’t wait for cooler weather to wear it.

Oh no…only two days left in this wonderful photo challenge! 
This is a very busy time in my office with many different projects happening. Actually, part of my office has become a studio, once again! Very happily so, I will say. I’ll show you the redo of my space next week.
If you have followed my photos for the last two days, you know I’ve been out in the mountains of western North Carolina (see the “Smell” image above) where, much to our amazement, it was no cooler than here in the Piedmont. No matter: it was gorgeous on the lake. And, oh yes, those hairpin turns and switchbacks on the road were, for me the “height-challenged” gal, nothing short of heart-stopping! But I made it in one piece and am home again, ready to enjoy a holiday weekend. Tomorrow I’m off to a lunch at La Farm bakery in Cary, NC with a good friend; and on Monday we will be at the Silk Hope Old Fashioned Farmers’ Day!
See ya’ll next week!!