It’s August and it’s time for a “break”.
I’ve been thinking about taking a break from the blog. And then…. along came

Here’s how it works:
Each day we are given a “photo prompt”: a one or two word subject we are to feature in photo form on our blog, on Instagram, on Facebook, or on Flikr. Words are not required. The point is
to be present.

Here are the daily prompts:

I didn’t join until Day 8: “Selfie”

Do you all know what a “selfie” is? No? Simple. It’s a photo taken by you, of you i.e. a self-portrait.
An iPhone is the best way to do it. Personally, I can’t stand these photos! Too close up. They make one look pudgy and pale and just plain awful! But there a ways to work around this…

Here is my “selfie” for Day 8, with added filters!

A new hat
Day 9: “Taste”
Antique import china
Day 10: “Red”
Red barn door and rosemary
Day 11: “Play”
Croquet anyone?
For the remaining days in August I will be posting my images for that day on Instagram.
You can join me by:
 1) Following me on Instagram  @
2)Check in here, on the blog, and go to the Instagram link over on the sidebar
And, who knows, I just may be around to do an actual post…or I may post my images right here on the blog. So stay tuned while I relax for a bit and have fun with these photo challenges!