is a community of bloggers who share ideas, posts, pictures, questions and more about homes, gardens, DIY projects, landscaping, remodeling, crafts…. and the list goes on. I had never heard of it until about a year ago when I was invited to join.
For me, it has been a great source for gardening advice and ideas.
I contribute my own posts and images (as well as comments on others) on a regular basis. Recently, Hometalk asked me to contribute to their site with a board on “Landscaping With Stone” to be part of their weeklong series on “Curb Appeal”.  This was based on my own post series about our landscaping with stones and rocks:
Part I and II  “Our South Side Garden Renovation”
Part III  “Rocks and Landscaping”
and the latest post
And THIS is the link to the Hometalk Board:
I researched all of Hometalk to find stories and posts about using stone in landscaping. Some of the posts show stones as used in garden edging; some show how stones were used to create curb appeal; some show stone used to create raised beds.
But the common thread here is the use of some kind of rock or stone in a landscaping project.
My own posts are included in this board, as are many other great ideas and inspiration.  I hope you will take a look, and consider following some of the bloggers on Hometalk!