North Hero, Vermont is an island in Lake Champlain.
It is actually right between New York and Vermont, but lies within the Vermont state lines.
It’s accessible by a bridge at the south end, or a ferry from Plattsburgh. We love the ferry! The drive up the New York Thruway is wonderful: on a Sunday morning we had no traffic, and the air was SO fresh when we stopped along the way.
Our destination?
It is everything a small hotel should be. It’s small so very personal. The rooms are very clean and well done. Most rooms have private screened porches right on the lake. The swimming is…. there are no words to describe it! You can rent kayaks and canoes. The entire staff is helpful and welcoming.
It’s a gem.
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Bouquet on our porch
Moonlight over the lake
And the food….well….they serve lunch out on the “pier” of grass most of the day Thursday – Sunday and the #1 choice is
The Lobster Roll!
This is, without a doubt, the best lobster roll ever. There is no mayonnaise at all. No celery at all. There IS one-quarter pound of lobster meat, lots of butter, sun-dried tomato aioli and a charcoal grilled roll.
Combine that with a glass of chilled white wine and a table in the shade looking out at the lake and the result is
We had been here four years ago. You can read my two previous posts about this wonderful lake retreat here and here.
Again, that’s The North Hero House