I’ve given a LOT of thought, over the past few years, as to what to wear, what to carry, and what to have with me when I travel to Europe.
Everyone has different requirements and we all have our own peculiar needs (!)… but I thought I would show just what works for ME.
More than anything else, you want to be comfortable. You want clothes that work for you. Airplanes, of course, have no space at all so you can’t think about perhaps changing any piece of clothing. Believe me, I tried that once, and never again. And even before you board “the big flight” you have hours of pre-flight time in these same clothes: connecting flights, a train perhaps, hours in the airport. So again,
I’ll show you my travel essentials, from the top down. Follow along here, look at the collage below, then keep scrolling for the source sites for each of these.
My pants of choice are Gap Stretch Jeans. They feel good. They don’t come down around your ankles when you are in the bathroom (!) and they always look fresh.
Next up is a comfortable tee shirt: this year I found a nice silky short sleeve shirt at Banana Republic.
I wear a lot of scarves. Target is a great source..but I’m sure you have your favorites.
Some sort of cardigan, or lightweight jacket, or cover up of some kind. This year I had shown you some wonderful ideas for sunblock clothing, and my new Coolibar wrap was just perfect. It also doubled as a bathrobe of sorts, could be used as a beach coverup and I took it everywhere in the sun in Provence. This is a multi use item for sure.
Jewelry. Well, you may have to take it all off at security, so beware. This time round I wore my Mother’s Pop-It Beads. Plastic, so no need to take off and they look very stylish!
Shoes. I wear ballet flats. This year it was my new OKA b’s in orange. But then I take cotton socks and travel slippers and put them on as soon as I get settled. Never take just socks: you have no idea what is on the bathroom floor in an airplane!
A nice warm, large pashmina. This will serve as your blanket, even if you still need one of those prickly, tacky all synthetic things they hand out. My last flight was SO cold I had three blankets around me.
A nicely sized carry-on bag that can stay under the seat (not above). This will hold your earphones, iPad, neck pillow, book etc. I’m showing you an Hervé Chapelier because I have used those. But I also use a $10 version I bought at Gare du Nord in Paris and works even better… and for that price I don’t care what happens to it!
And into this you will put a travel makeup pouch. A toothbrush is absolutely essential! I use it at least once per flight.
 I had several requests for the shoes I said I had discovered that were so comfortable and not clunky/dorky looking. I remember now that I had trouble finding them almost two years ago…because they were being discontinued! They are Keens.
I cannot wear anything that encloses my toes; or at least not for any length of time or if I’m walking for  hours. So an open toe is required. These are heavenly and almost…stylish!
Since mine are no longer made or sold, I found these which I think look great and very comfortable. They are also Keens; open toe, narrow ankle band, come in four colors. They just might work….
Here I am in Arles, showing the almost complete outfit! Lightweight linen pants were on order in the heat, as was a crushable cotton hat; but you can see the shoes and the Coolibar wrap.
I was totally comfortable!
Thanks, Delana, for taking the picture… and for being my wonderful host.
I’ll keep showing you more pictures from my trip as I get them organized.
‘Til next week!