Just a few weeks ago I had shown you the gorgeous clutch my friend gave me.
It is from Dsenyo.

is a social enterprise.  We believe business is a powerful way to address social and economic problems. Countless challenges confront creative and industrious people in Malawi, Africa as they try to build their small businesses, practice their craft and support their families.”

Marissa Perry Saints founded Dsenyo with a clear vision to help and empower women in Malawi. 
By training women and helping them to actually become skilled artisans, she has raised the living standard for not only these women but their families. She has done this in conjunction with the Fair Trade principals and a very environmentally conscious approach. 

Dsenyo means “design”. And design is an integral part of this business. Read more about it here:

“First, I started Dsenyo after working as a fine artist for several years and after living in Malawi, Africa.  While a central part of my inspiration for starting the company was and is to create stable employment for women as a way out of poverty, I was also inspired to share the art of African textile DESIGN with women in the West.  I love functional art.  It is a gift to be able to incorporate artistic expression into our daily lives through things as simple as tea pots and handbags.  Dsenyo will always commit to not only creating social and environmental value with our products, but will also add new artistic design to our world.  Dsenyo’s value of artistic excellence through fashion DESIGN and African textile DESIGN is at the core of who we are.”

In this video she explains how and why she started this organization:
Look at some of these wonderful products. This purse is made, as is mine, in Brazil. Marissa has a long standing relationship with Brazil and recently started working with a women’s coop there and oh, what a beautiful job they are doing! 

The Yara Bag, made in Brazil
Hobo Purse, made in Malawi
Bangles, made in Malawi (a personal favorite!)
Apron, made in Malawi
Dsenyo products are sold both on line and at many, many stores and boutiques around the country. Here is a complete list of retail outlets.
Take a look at the site and know that you will be “giving a hand UP to women and artisans working their way out of poverty”. 
I hope you will help support this effort.