Some highlights from my garden this week:
Finally, these gorgeous day lilies are blooming. It’s taken them three full years to come into their own!
My red dahlias: I love how the light came through the petals.
Hydrangea love.
This white one is small; we inherited it in the garden and it’s one of the few things we didn’t pull out.


My newest hydrangea: Rio


Coreopsis, or tickseed. So cheerful!
And now: helpful hint of the day
I’ve posted this before but I think it is worth showing you again, especially for those new to the blog.
We have all wondered how to deal with large planters and the enormous amounts of potting soil it requires to actually fill said planter. And how heavy they become.
Let me introduce you to UPS-A-DAISY!
UPS-A-DAISY is an insert. You measure your pot at the height/depth where you want the insert to rest. They fit in nicely. Simply place in the pot and fill the remaining few inches with potting soil.
I have them in all my pots. The shipping is prompt and customer service superb.
No more soggy peanuts! No more upside down pots within a pot. And no more heavy containers.
‘Til next week!