The French know garlic.
They know how to grow it, how to harvest it, how to cook it, and certainly how to eat it!
After spending more than a week in both Paris and Provence I want to begin to share with you some of my experiences. 
Let’s start with a fabulous day spent with friends! I was staying in Aix with my friend and business partner, Delana. Off we went for the day to join another friend, Mary James Lawrence.
Mary James (MJ) and I met through blogging. Yes, another friend I would most probably have never met were it not for our blogs. She lives an hour from me here in North Carolina, but she spends about six months each year in Provence. Take a look at her blog to find out more about this lucky lady who gets to spend so much time in France.
And so, MJ and Xavier, Frenchman/chef extraordinaire, entertained Delana and me for a day…and it truly was entertainment. We talked, we ate a fabulous lunch, we took a tour of their place and house, we laughed, we took some pictures and finally they guided us down to a vineyard, and finally to our route home to Aix.
this is actually my photo
The following images are courtesy of Mary James at Mary James en Provence !
Here are some shots of the house in which we had lunch. The perfect Provençal house.
perfect spot, on a shaded terrace, for the gorgeous chandelier
loved the amaryllis!

the gnomes…. and lavender wands (courtesy MJ)

All in all a perfect day with a fabulous lunch with good friends in a very special Provençal house.  
Hope you will come back tomorrow for more.