Have you heard the news? Google Reader is closing on July 1.
Don’t worry: if you have no idea what I’m talking about, then close out of this post!
But for any of you who may still use this service, you will no longer be able to access it in order to read all your favorite blogs.
What to do?
Migrate your blog feeds to another reader.
This is perhaps the most popular. You can access from any device.
Again, popular. But you won’t find all blogs on here: unless a blogger actually has a Bloglovin’ account, they cannot be found on this reader.
This is my favorite. But it is only available for iPad and iPhone. Very easy to navigate, to read, to add feeds etc.
A perennial favorite, I log on many, many times a day.
Ok, now we’re getting a little techie, right? But if you’re up to it, go and explore!
This may just be the easiest of all: simply type in your email address to this box (over there on the right on my blog)  and you will be assured of receiving all my posts.
I am NO expert on this, but just wanted to warn those of you who only use the Google Reader!