I have no idea how to get the correct accents into the title bar at top…so here it is, correctly done:
Côté du Sud Show
I’ve been to many too many trade shows over the years. They can be exhilarating and exciting and yes, they can get the adrenaline flowing! There are so many new things to see, people to watch, business to be done, products to explore that it can be overwhelming. All the trade shows I have attended have been “wholesale” or to the trade only, meaning you have to be in the business to get in, and only wholesalers/vendors can place orders. But it also means nothing on the show floor is for sale at retail.
This show is different.

First of all, everything was for sale. Oh heaven.
Second, it was held outdoors in a beautiful city park setting in Aix-en-Provence.
Third, the weather, as expected, was gorgeous.
Fourth, it made me realize I will just have to return.

Here is the website, in English.

This is a slide show I made of the highlights that day. It was hard to miss here with any pictures at all… every booth was so well presented and the colors glowed in that special light of Aix-en-Provence.

There is more.

This is just one of many spectacular painted canvases from Franck Picault.
They were hung with a dowel, as in a wall hanging. And yes, they were gorgeous and I am seriously considering ordering one. It would be SO perfect for our dining area off the kitchen, against the Provençal yellow wall. Drool……

Textured, subtle, sophisticated: just about perfect!

Ok, one more story of that day, something that has stayed with me since:
porta potties.
Let me tell you about the porta potties at this show!

They were outside, of course, and set in a nice grassy area. They formed a row of oval shaped small units, covered in faux bois paper. But unlike their American counterparts, they… well… smelled good! 

Why? Inside each unit was a huge container of cedar chips, with a big scoop. You were to use the scoop before leaving!

There’s more!
Set in the grass, outside of the units, was a large marble sink with beautiful brass faucets. And soap from L’Occitaine.
Now that is classy, no? 

Let me know your thoughts about this show. Has anyone been to it? Do you want to join me next year?