Le Déjeuner
“Lunch” sounds so ordinary in English; “Le Déjeuner” sounds so much more refined in French. And, generally speaking, it IS a more elegant meal. Certainly chez MJ and Xavier
it becomes an event to be remembered. 
A tarte with caramelized garlic and chèvre : absolutely gorgeous and just as delicious.
White asparagus.
Salad with the freshest greens and Xavier’s ultimate dressing. (recipe, please?)
Le Dessert
Strawberry sorbet (made on site) with a strawberry coulis. This sat atop a mixture of petit suisse, marscapone and crème fraiche.
You are correct: there was not a mini-spoonful left in any bowl on that table!
I thought you all deserved to see a photo of these happy people…. we struggled with the timer on my camera and finally got this shot!
Here is the view from the covered terrace. Pas mal!
              courtesy MaryJames
Random shots around the house and grounds:
succulents, of course
love the stone troughs


wild orchids
C’est tout (that’s it) for our lovely day out and about.
 I’ll continue later this week and show you
the Côté du Sud Show that was totally unlike any trade show I’ve ever been to.
In the best way!