Do you have an iPhone?
Is it the 4 or 4S and you’re thinking of upgrading to the iPhone 5?
Let me tell you a story

In February I was eligible for the upgrade to the iPhone 5 and in March I went over to the AT&T store to do the deal.
Did you know… that yes, indeed, you DO get a partial refund for your old phone when you upgrade to the new one? The further away Apple is from introducing a new model, the more you get back in trade-in. Two years ago I had received a full $150.00 in trade-in. This time, because the new 5S is about to be introduced, I got $117.00. Better than nothing, right? 
Just wanted to alert you to these details!
So, great, I have my new phone with Siri (whose services I have yet to use…) and all the latest bells and whistles.  

Of course, I needed a new case. 
Off to Best Buy. I think they have some of the best selections around: many prints, many price points.
I like the hard cases as they slide into a purse easily. 
Now comes the tricky part. 

The “old” plug, used for phones, iPads, iPods has 30 prongs… and the new, now required, plug has only 8. It’s called “The Lightning Connector”.
As you may well know, Apple had huge debates about changing this up and all that it would mean for their products. But now it is a fact of Apple life….. you need the new, smaller, 8 prong adaptor for the new phone. And you will need it for the next iteration of iPad. And who knows what else.
There are many articles and forums debating this change, but here’s one you might want to read.
All this would be fine except that Apple charges $30.00 for this tiny little adaptor!
Amazing, to say the least. Apple: are you listening?
So I went over to trusty Amazon to look around. There are many, many other sources out there!
I ended up at Oh Cases with their Lightning Adaptor for $7.95!!! 
I ordered three of them and have put one permanently in my car attached to my old charger there.
One word of warning: one of my new adaptors broke after only 3 uses. I took a picture, emailed the company, they apologized profusely and are sending me a replacement. The other two are just fine, thank you.
Here’s the old, 30 prong adaptor on the right and two of my new, 8 prong adaptors.
I’m all set, for the moment. 
Technology is changing every day and sometimes it’s just so hard to keep up with it all!
I do find that, as the months and years go by, I rely on my iPhone more and more.
I love “Notes”. No need to carry pen and paper. 
Of course, I love the camera. 
And it’s such fun using Instagram with my photos.
Text messaging. What’s not to like? 
All those great apps! Shall we have an “App post” someday? I’ll tell you my favorites, if you tell me yours? 
Thanks for listening, and looking!