What in  the *%@@ world is this?
We call it our “Celtic Egg”!

It all started from very humble beginnings: 
Yes, a pile of stones was what we had left from our gorgeous new stone wall 
(post will be coming next week)
Hmmm: maybe I got this backward and should have put the stone wall post up here first! But I am 
with this fun new stone egg
that I couldn’t wait to show you all!
We started with a flat base and worked around and around, adding slivers of stone, gravel and sand.
(by “we” I mean Keith, the egg’s designer!)
It’s getting there….

And here you have it!

I love this image of it “in situ”, partially covered by the grasses. I am guessing that by August it will be mostly hidden by said grasses…

A view from the alley/road:
 that’s a Guara with the pink flowers and Variegated Liriope in front of that.

Now isn’t that just about THE coolest thing you’ve ever seen?
Talk about unique!
You might ask: what is the point of this? Well, there is no point. It’s a garden ornament, just like a “gazing ball”, or a pink flamingo (!).  It’s there to look at, and yes, maybe to wonder just how it was put together!
For anyone in my area who is interested, email me and I will put you in touch with Keith of Secret Gardens!
And, yes, I will post about our new stone wall next week!
Hope you all have a good weekend…