It’s been a busy few days around here with my very dear friend arriving from Boston, husband leaving for points North, garden tour, house tour with me on the committee, baking, eating (of course…), and then gardening. 
Yarn Bombing aka Knit Blitz
In case you haven’t heard, or seen, it’s THE craze these days.
For an official explanation and brief history, check it out here.
Some of the knitters have been busy around my village!

And here, the knit bomb to end all knit bombs:
Yes indeed, someone knit a Beltie cover for one of the stationary Belties in the park!!
These Belties, made of hollow metal, are in the village park just a block from my house. 

 This is a photo I took last summer of real, live Belties!

There was a craft fair very near our village, so we went to take a look, not expecting great things…
This was after a two hour tour of local gardens. I posted a few pictures on my Facebook page here.
The craft fair yielded one excellent discovery!

These are made by a ceramic artist, Marie DuBois, in Winston-Salem. No, she does not have a website, or FB page but here is a link I found after Googling her name:
My collection:

These small leaf dishes are what first caught my eye. 
I love them.

And these adorable ring, or earring or whatever dishes are perfect house gifts!
(instead of the usual bottle of wine, no?)


And last, but not least AT ALL
This is what my friend gave me for hosting her! She was here, then went off to Raleigh to a conference on Fair Trade in which she is involved. These lovelies were from one of the manufacturers/importers,

The clutch is from Dsenyo, made in Brazil.
For bracelets, take a look at Mata Traders.
She certainly chose JUST the right accessories for me! I can’t wait to use this clutch…
Whew. I’m alone now and looking forward to another episode of Mr. Selfridge tonight!