We took short mini-vacay to St. Simons Island, one of the barrier islands on the coast of Georgia, not too far from the Florida border. Spring had definitely arrived as we left the Piedmont of North Carolina  …but oh, the landscape became so much greener in a few short hours as we made our way down I-95.
I’m sure some of you will recognize this! A very famous (infamous?) tourist stop for anyone going South.
The first morning (perfect weather and light!) I went walking, with both cameras and found this wonderfully colorful plant: 
So, I just may have to get one. The “Stiff Bottlebrush” is the most cold hardy so would do best in my zone. Hmmm….Great color, not too large, easy to grow: it’s a winner!

This wall is all that remains of a long ago plantation on the island.
As I got out of the car to take this, something moved behind it in the leaves… just a little eery and yes, I quickly got back in the car. I think it was the sadness and melancholy of such a place that was even more dramatic than the images. This is not a tourist stop at all and as such it is perhaps easier to think about what really happened in these places…
The lovely Spanish Moss was everywhere….
Can someone tell me what this plant is? A friend suggested “Lipstick Plant”; but no, I looked that up and it’s totally different. (thank you, Linda!) So I’m still in the dark but will continue to look for it.
More pictures to come! It’s been a busy week and we have house guests arriving tomorrow so no time to add more images. Next week. 
See you then!