It’s been a gorgeous week in the garden!
Can you see this guy? Our bird bath is a very popular place in the neighborhood, and frequented by just the “right sort”! Really, as soon as I refresh the water, we have a line up of birds. The larger ones i.e. blue jay, will get first dibs in the bath while the nuthatch, finch and wren patiently wait their turn on the fence. And in between is the cardinal, towhee and robin.
I quickly snapped this yesterday but will try to get some better images as the season progresses.
A neighbor friend just “gifted” me this: Fatsia Japonica. It’s an evergreen and has these wonderfully large leaves that are great in flower arrangements, all  year round. Nice! 
I finally planted the two Eryngium that have been waiting patiently for several weeks.
I’m sure you know these, but probably as “Sea Holly”. They’re very heat tolerant, and I’ve put them front and center in a south-facing and white wall background place.  On vera, non? (we will see, right?)

My order from Chocolate Flower Farm arrived! 
They were one of the very few places that could deliver Sacabiosa “Black Knight” seeds.
Here is the post showing them in full bloom last summer.
To say I love them is an understatement… and they have become impossible to find. Plants are simply not to be found, so I had to start from seed. I am hoping these will make it; I don’t have a great track record with seeds!

Here is a very short video I did showing you how to care for all the green left after your daffodils have finished flowering.
It’s always a problem and an eyesore leaving the greenery in the garden for weeks on end. If you cut it all back you simply will not have great daffodils next spring. 
So here is a suggestion: 


 Here is the finished product in my garden:

Hope this helps and please, do let us know what you think of this solution.