Thank you, Angela!
Angela at UnexpectedElegance asked if she could feature me and several specific posts about my home, on her blog. Why yes, of course!
As I began to gather the appropriate posts I realized I had never quite finished the story of our living room area.
Some of you may remember these posts I did about the renovations:  front hall, living room, and dining room transformed to a study. For those of you newer to the blog, read on and discover.
When we bought this house almost three years ago (REALLY??) there was an ample sized dining room open to the living room. Fine and good. But, we really did not want or need a formal dining room  anymore but we did want and need a study for my husband.
Long before we moved in:
#1. Looking downstairs into what was the open dining room
#2. Dining to right, living room to left
#3. Dining room
#4. Front hall and stairs
 The “real” before, and as it looks now; I tried to get just about the same view.
The wall between the two rooms under construction. The transom window gives lots of light. And the wall as it is now. It provides a wonderful back drop to my endless furniture rearrangements!
This post:
A Wall, A Window and Some Doors” will show you more.
And here:
Benjamin Moore ‘Iron Mountain’” tell the story of this fabulous color on both our mantle and bannister.
A peaceful entry with nice space to showcase my husband’s photography (more framing is happening as I write..)
Our George Nelsen lights in the 30′ high front hall. Read more about them here:
So, there you have it! I’ll have more to say about all these rooms, and updates, and new ideas but so far so good!