Have you been using Google Reader to consolidate and read the blogs you follow? 
If you go over there, on the right, on my blog and see this block:
Click on it and you have a choice of the many RSS services that will enable my blog to be delivered to you. This is what you will see: 
Now, you can certainly subscribe by email, but you can also get the feed delivered to you in other ways. For those of us who follow 50, 60 or 100 blogs, email is just not a viable choice. RSS readers are the only way to go.
Ok, if you are not following all this, are not into blog reading in general, just ignore!
But bloggers, be aware that Google Reader will disappear completely on July 1!
The new service which seems to have swept blogland by storm is
with this logo: 
And HERE is a sort of “beginners guide” to opening an account (easy and free), to migrating your Google feeds to Feedly, to how to organize your new reader aka
There ARE other alternatives:
Feeddler (I like and use this one)
NetVibes (not familiar with this)
Flipboard (well, I just haven’t taken to this one)
Bloglovin (yes, very good alternative and I will post about it some time)
So, now are you totally confused???
I was!
This is by no means an exhaustive study of RSS readers… but I wanted to let all bloggers and blog followers know what to expect and how to begin to find alternatives.
I’m sure there are and will be many blogs dealing with this issue. I haven’t had time today to research many, but this, Jessi at Practically Functional, does a nice job in explaining some choices.
Email me with questions and I will try to answer! I’m still in the process of discovering and organizing…
Let me know your thoughts!