What in the world ARE these things?
Succulents—alone or combined in a terrarium—have come on the scene fast and furious.

Let’s see exactly what we are talking about:

“Succulents, or sometimes fat plants, are having some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions.”

“A terrarium is an enclosed, indoor garden, usually small and made of glass so that you can see your collection of plants.”
I had a hard time with succulents when I first started noticing, and then “collecting” them on Pinterest. They just didn’t grab me. But as with so many things the more exposure you have the more familiar they become and the more you grow to like them! And so it was. Clearly, I am not alone.
Some of the most creative uses of succulents are in bridal bouquets. And no one does these better than Flora Grubb in San Francisco! 
From outdoor landscapes to petite table arrangements they are all superb. I love the small square “vases” to hold the plants…
Here’s a collection of both terrariums and succulents. 




Aren’t these bridal bouquets fabulous??? Flora Grubb, of course!

Many bloggers have featured these lovelies on posts. 
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The New York Times has written about Terrariums and their growing popularity
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and of course, Martha Stewart even has a video

I have a Pinterest Board: Succulents and Terrariums to which I add new items every week. For more ideas, go on over and check it out.
How do you feel about them? Yes or no?