A very important part of any office or work space is the desk, right?
I had this desk for more than twenty years… it started its life with me in my home studio, then went to a 4th Floor walk-up (yep, I did that for 11 years!), then to two other offices, back to my house, and then down here to North Carolina. When I had a big studio downtown, aka the walk-up, I bought other storage pieces to go with it.  
Gradually I had discarded those other pieces but kept the desk as it fit me well and had lots of surface area.

Note all the holes drilled: two in the top and one just there underneath on the right. All those wires for computers, printers, scanners, phone, modem  had to fit in differently each time we moved the desk!
Until, one day I just couldn’t deal with it any longer. It was too cumbersome for my new space here. 
It was too big.
I wanted something more….. 
I started the search and kept track of ideas on my
I ordered the Mahogany Konrad Desk from World Market.
When I ordered, it was on sale for $129.00!!! Amazing, right? The reviews were good, so I waited an extra month as it was back ordered.

And yes, it was very easy to assemble.

The two drawers work perfectly and seem such a luxury!

And this is the “wall art” behind the desk. I had ordered these grape vine pieces months ago from Joss & Main, and now they have a home.

I am very very pleased with my new desk. It feels just right.
Next project: adding some more surface area on the other side of the room. I am thinking of a deep top between two file cabinets. Or, some stock pieces to match that new bookcase.
I’m working on it!
To be continued…
P.S. So what are you doing tonight with no Downton Abbey?