We have a NEW CATEGORY of handmade items on our store, Provence Rugs!
Click just over there, to the right, to get to the store! Then, go to Accessories and you will see the selection of new lavender sachets.
We started a prototype with the traditional square format, sewn on all four sides. No, we wanted something more unique. The next step was a fold over on one side, then a button (or some sort of embellishment) was definitely in order.
Finally, we decided on this faux-flap, also with embellishment:

How about some Peeps in the background? 
And a pretty mesh bag to add some romance?
A few weeks ago I included my own artwork with Friday Flowers: Hellebores (in the collage). Once again,  I searched my archives of Valentines designs done a few years ago and came up with this one which I thought might add a diversion/texture/color story to the sachets!
We are only offering this new envelope style with the “Jardin de Provence” print. As soon as we finish making more sachets in our other fabrics, we will post them on the store. Please check back in a few days!
Do you have someone special who might like one of these for Valentines Day? 
Order from us now, and it will be shipped tomorrow! 
We guarantee pretty packaging and a special Valentines card.
Let us know what you think of this brand new item, yes?