Something HAD to happen in this room!
There are many elements I can show you, but let’s start with this one wall space. It sits between the entrance to the room and the closet door. 
Perfect for the Italian mirror ($10.00 at Home Goods many years ago!) and a chair underneath.
But also wasted space.
After many, many ideas and plans drawn and redrawn, I settled on this bookcase. We have an absolutely superb cabinet maker by the name of Jeff who does fabulous installations. He did these bookcases in my husband’s study, before we moved into the house.
For any of you who are local here, you can find Jeff at Premier Woodworks. Tell him I sent you!
I decided to, once again, have them raised off the carpeting.

We also had the issue of the light switch by the door. 
I love our solution: leave a surface shelf top with the wall at back. If the bookcase had covered the entire wall, it would have been very awkward and cumbersome to reach around and behind to get to the switch plate. Perfect, perfect solution Jeff…

I’ve had this piece of antique fretwork/decorative trim for at least a year, sitting quietly in a drawer. 

It’s very cheerful now. 
First step, done. Next I’ll be telling you about my new desk… and then my art/craft area….and then the chair that I have to slipcover. 
I “finish” one thing, only to have another pop up. Do you feel that way? Do you have projects that are seemingly endless?