Oh, I have been having fun with my new camera! 
If you follow me on Facebook, you have had a sneak preview.
I haven’t had much time to study the written word, so I’ve been experimenting.
Just for fun I tried comparing my new “fancy” camera(DSLR) with an almost exact shot from my “old” point and shoot camera. 
The biggest difference is in the color. Look at these first two shots with the new camera:
Here, see the same image but pinker, less saturated and not as vibrant:
Then I moved on to some oranges and lemons.
You can see the difference in both the color and the detail.

I’m sure for some of you photo experts this seems elementary, but for me it is revolutionary.
I found an excellent site with video tutorials; in fact it was that site that finally gave me the courage to just go ahead and do it!

I will post more next Friday on “the big reveal” and give you all the details.  A whole week to play with the camera: oh what fun!