It’s the newest “Color of the Year” from Pantone.

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What about this color? Do we love it or hate it? It has caused more reaction among design people than any color in recent years, including last year’s “Tangerine Tango”.

Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone’s executive director, says, 

“Green is the most abundant hue in nature,” “The human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum.”
It IS a color associated with luxury, aka emerald stones, and this is seen by many as a wonderful way to promote such a strong color. Just as grays and soft neutrals have been such popular colors in recent years, many are hoping that emerald and jade will lead to the use of compatible design elements. Bold patterns work well with this strong color. The softer grays will become stronger and darker as in slate and granite. 

Perhaps the key to this color is to use it sparingly; try it in small quantities. Look above at the wonderful lamp base, or the fabrics, or the tea kettle….. the last image of the kitchen might just be too much of a good thing for some of us!
As a postscript I thought I would include this short “history” of recent
Pantone Colors of the Year
Comments? Do you love it or hate it? Will you use it?