Have you seen the changes to the blog?
I let you know, here, that there would be some revisions happening!

The following are four big changes and additions made to improve the blog and make everything clearer, and much more fun, for you!

The Header

 I changed it up a bit. The text is larger, and I added the libby wilkie designs over there on the left.

 The Navigation Bar

The nav bar. Do you know what that is? Right under the header there are categories.
 Click on any of them! 
Yes, I have written something to tell you a little more about me. This was not easy! I didn’t want to start rambling (very easy to do..) but wanted to keep it short and succinct and yet give you a picture of where I come from, who I am now, and how I got here. 
I’ve always had some kind of blogroll over on the sidebar. Should I keep it or not. I have debated the pros and cons for a while before creating this Page to give you a complete list of the blogs I feel are the most important to me. I read more than this list certainly, but these are at the top of my list. I tend to not read the “big” blogs and go for the more personal and thoughtful sites. But then I realized, having taken the blogroll off my sidebar for a few days, that I didn’t know when anyone was posting! I was completely thrown off! Thus, blogroll is back on sidebar…
Thank you to those people who have run stories about me!

Finally, finally I have reworked this page. This will give you some visuals for what I have done in our house and in the garden, with links to specific posts. More to come!

I have a few more categories that I am working on: Gardening and Shopping. I’ll put them up just as soon as I finish.

Links to Pinterest

These images have direct links to my Pinterest pages. Just click on the image. I’ll be updating them on a regular basis.
Social Media Links

I enhanced the email subscription box and revised all the social media links.
I hope these revisions and additions make the blog more interesting to all of you; I really enjoy doing it, and hope you will find even more reason to come back many times!