CHINESE PLUM (aka prunus mume)

prunus mume
These trees have started to bloom all around us. Two years ago, my first winter here in North Carolina, I thought it must be an aberration…but no, they DO actually flower in January. What a wonderful sight in mid-winter!
As I was putting together the collage above it occurred to me to import some of my own designs from years and products past. The two above were actually done for paper products. It’s a fun way to vary a collage, so watch for more in the future!

My post of a year ago has been SO popular that I will refer you back to it  to read more about hellebores. I really don’t think I had ever seen this flower until I moved South. And oh what a treasure! A friend gave me some cuttings two years ago and finally they are about to bloom: a totally different kind than what I have shown you here. So…. when they bloom I will be sure to post and show you.