One of the many joys of getting older is the ability to enjoy, a second time around, something that was important to you years ago. I’m thinking specifically of fashion trends. When I was a teenager, and in my early twenties, Lily Pulitzer was H O T. She came on the fashion scene as a bright, new, blazing star and there she remained…. for a while. But those bright colors eventually faded into dull olive greens and tans and khakis. And dresses…well, it became difficult impossible to find a decent dress. Yes, Lily is back… in a big way. 
One of the things I LOVED in those years were huge, bright clip on earrings. Yes, I had pierced ears, but I also collected the colorful, fun clips.
Then they went out of style. I gave up earrings for many, many years and have just recently started to wear them again. What a great new item to look for in all the vintage-selling stores and antique fairs!  Last week I found these at a vintage source in Durham. The silver is what attracted me as that was unusual for a 60’s era earring (we’re talking Kenneth Jay Lane gold era here!). 

And now feast your eyes on these:
They are from my Mother’s collection of vintage jewelry. 

I’m waiting for just the right occasion!
Wouldn’t they look stunning with black?
And for the summer; perhaps to wear with a Lily dress?

Do you know Miriam Haskell jewelry? 
These I had bought at Saks in the 70’s.
I love so many of her earrings. Here are some good sites to explore:
lots of great things on
Finally, here is a pair I had bought at Bendel’s in the late 60’s.
Oh how I loved these. And then, of course, they went totally out of style.
And now they’re back!
Enough of my treasures. Can we see some of yours?