Who remembers Pop-It beads? I mean R E A L L Y remembers, as in watching your Mother wear them, going into her room and jewelry box to take some out to play with, or going to the store to buy some?
I absolutely ADORED these beads! Little did I know that color would become such a large part of my life and work, but even then I was totally fascinated by the colors and textures and versatility of such a fun product.
Recently, when I was in my Mother’s now empty house organizing and sorting through her things to give away, I knew there were a few very special things I wanted to keep. And her Pop It beads were one of them.  I had seen her wearing them less than a year ago, so they had to be there somewhere.
A simple strand of “pearls”! It was perfect.
I brought it home and now wear it many times a week. It is a special piece, for many reasons.
 See the little pop in over on the right?
How perfect is that?
Casual, fun, simple.
Now I am on the hunt for more! And this site is the best I have found.
The beads were made in three sizes:
                    Large (2 beads to the inch),
                 Medium (about 2.5 beads to the inch) and

                          Small (about 3 breads to the inch)

And from Etsy:
This one was sold…but I love the multi colors here!
Guess what? I just bought this one!
When it arrives I will see how different the color is from the one I have. I am thinking of alternating the beads for a new necklace!
I definitely like the Large size, which is what my Mother’s “pearl” Pop-Its are.
How about all of you? Do you like these? Do you remember them?