Photo editing at it’s best!
For non-bloggers this may seem like a foreign language, but all you bloggers out there probably know this program. Do you use it? After Picnik disappeared Picmonkey was one of the first to come out with an easy way to make collages. I had shown you how here.
Just the other day I was using Picmonkey for some photo editing when I realized they had added some new features! So take a look while I walk you through
Here is my basic photo, with watermark. (I use StarWatermark)
I wanted to begin a post about my Christmas decorations. I took some photos yesterday.While I’m not doing a lot of decorating this year, I do realize that the colors and textures make for some great photos.
Okay…so here is that same image with one of the new “Smudge” Textures applied.
Scroll down to see just how I got here
Follow this step-by-step tutorial:
1. Open up Picmonkey
2. Here is the Home screen
3. Click “Edit a Photo” up top there and after you upload a photo you will see the sidebar below
4. Look at the left sidebar, at those small icons, for basic editing features.
“Textures” is that second to bottom, cross hatch diamond. If you click on that, you will get this:
Or, how about the “Papyrus” set of textures:
Now, go back over to the left sidebar and click “Themes”: the little snowflake down at the bottom. That brings you to this menu:

When you click “Winterland” you get this:

I chose “Frost” and adjusted the intensity and fade options a bit:

One last step: the top edge of that image above fades into the white background on my post, so I put a frame around the entire image:


As I was just about to close out of the program, I went over to the “Vampires” theme, not expecting to find anything remotely right for me. Oh wow!
Look at this “Lugosi Burnish”
Is this fabulous or what?????
I just might have to use this for our Christmas card this year!
I could keep on playing for hours!
There are so many great options and really, it couldn’t be easier.
Go on over and have fun!