A while ago I wrote a post,
If President Obama can take the time to pen a hand written note, then surely you and I can too!
In a few short weeks it will be that time of year again: time to actually W R I T E a hand written note of thanks.
Please, don’t tell me you only send a quick email. no no no!

In anticipation of this event (!) I went over to Etsy to look for ideas. Etsy always amazes and inspires me. There are SO MANY great ideas in almost any category you can name and I have found the sellers to be such a helpful and warm group of people. I’ve never, ever had a problem at any of the stores.

Take a look at some of these great cards

the classic look:

natural, kraft look:
silhouettes are big: 

more kraft with type with bright color:

the vintage look:
classic, soft, watercolor:

chevron patterning is ‘in’
the always popular preppy look: 
and, of course, for the Francophile:

But if…. maybe…. you are not inclined to put pen to paper there is help available!
I mean really good looking help.

Paperless Post 

I have to admit, I am hooked on this site. Yes, I have used it for invitations, announcements, and thank you notes! They have a huge, ever-expanding and fun selection of all kinds of cards. You can add a photo page/card. You choose the card, the color and font you want, the line spacing, the color of the envelope, its lining, the stamp and on and on and on.
 Each card you send is personalized to the recipient. You can track who opens the card and even the exact time. The recipient can respond.

Here’s a preview of the last card I sent for our Provence Rugs Sale last Friday.
I chose the card, filled in my text, added a photo card, chose the envelope etc.
Give it a try and let me know what you think!