I walk in the morning. Early morning, just as it’s getting light. And every morning (well, every other….’cause I’m at the gym every other day) I walk past a stand of tall pine trees and huge, old magnolias. There is always, no matter the season, a ton of wonderful woodland cones, greens, bark, acorns and leaves. So today I took a plastic bag along with me and brought home some goodies.
Husband: “So….what are you doing with those things?”
Me: “Looking at them.”
Him: “Ok, so what next?”
Me: “Photograph for the blog, of course!” (and Pinterest, and FB, and Twitter…)
Yes, I’ve been looking at these out in the sunshine most of the day, and enjoying every minute!

Here is a variation of the above image, in Picmonkey, with the “Daguerreotype” effect:

Love this, the “Gritty” effect.

If you have a chance, get outside and take a walk!