That was last Christmas.
I’ve used the kettle every day since then…. until about six weeks ago when it suddenly just DID NOT work any more. Nothing. Dead.
I called Bodum, then filled in their required on-line form. I stated that I did not have a receipt for this item as it had been a gift..
This was their response:
Hi Libby,
Thank you for your email. Sorry to hear what happened with your item. Actually in this case we will need a copy of the receipt and we will be happy to proceed with the warranty.

To which I responded: 

As I stated below: this was a gift so I DO NOT have a sales receipt. 
If I send it back to you, can you fix it? Will you let me know the cost before proceeding to fix? Where else could I take it to be fixed?
I  certainly hope this is not ANOTHER example of built-in obsolescence. What a complete waste to throw out this kettle after less than one year.
And they responded with: 

Hi Libby,
Thank you for your email. We are sorry to say that we don’t fix our items. What we do in that case is replace the kettle if the receipt is provided.

Ok………. so, it seems that even if a product is under warranty, and you have a receipt, Bodum expects you to trash the broken item while they send you a new one!  

You don’t even begin to repair something, even when under warranty? 

Needless to say, I am disappointed and yes, I don’t think I will buy Bodum again. Too bad… I really like their design. But to think that an electric kettle is THAT disposable (nowhere is it mentioned that any of the parts are recyclable) that it doesn’t even warrant a repair is something I can’t go with. 

Comments? Opinions? Experiences?