Do you see that yellow square over on the right on my blog?
We have new products!
In addition to our colorful rugs, we now have Table Linens!

You may have seen this on Facebook the other day:

This is our most popular color, Provencal Bleu. And here it is featuring rug and divided dish.
And here, using the same fabric, is the placemat:
( I know, the colors don’t look quite identical on the computer screen…) But believe me, they ARE the same!

This is our newest fabric, “Jardin de Provence”
Like it? 

We thought it was a little different from the very traditional bee and cicada motifs,and so far it has proved to be very popular.
(yay us for calling it!!)
and with the bright blue reverse, it is quite stunning!
And last, but certainly NOT least, we have “opened” a sort of pop-up shop within our store.
Brocante. Brocante = Flea Market
And, as you probably know, they are all over France! 
We have been to our share and have been gathering some goodies to show you.
Our first offering is these wonderful, original, never-used, linen towels:
A word of caution: they are selling ! We have already sold half our inventory (wow!), so order now to be assured of fast delivery. Really, they are very popular!
What to do next? Why, just go on over to the store:
and take a look around.
Tell your friends (Tweet, FB, LinkdIn, anything!!) Just do it.
We thank you for your continued support!