Seriously, what is a girl to do? How can I possibly decide?
I’ve been wearing some pretty classic reds this fall and am dying to try a soft, mid-tone, grayed, mauvish, neutral. (did I get all the pertinent adjectives in there?)
Let’s look at the new neutrals:
merino cool



glamour purse
and then we have the plums:
angora cardi

sole mate

island hopping

let’s hear it for the real reds:

snap happy

jelly apple

spinning again

I guess I sort of strayed from my neutrals… but I can’t help it. These reds are fabulous. They’re all great. 
In sandal weather, which is from about March through October down here, I tend to try out some fun, out-of-my-comfort-zone colors on my toes. Deep blue is a favorite of mine. Lime green once in a while.
Turquoise always draws comments. But those colors are reserved for my toes! And now, with cooler weather here, I think those plum/neutrals are fabulous!
So, which one would YOU choose???