Very random news today!
First, have you ever heard of, or tried, Fels Naptha soap?
No, I didn’t think so.
Well, it is THE solution for all your how-do-I-get-out-this-spot laundry problems!!!

Maybe you have seen the package at the grocery store and thought, “oh no, too old fashioned”;  I need something new and with it for my laundry problems. Something I’ve seen advertised on TV maybe?
Believe me, IT WORKS!!!  Rub a bit of the bar over any stain (I’ve tried it on about four different kinds of stains, on different fabrics) with some cool water. Let it sit, ideally overnight. Put in the washer. 
Presto! Stain has disappeared. 
Moving right along….
Remember my slip covered chairs for our dining area? It was all about the contrast piping.
We love these chairs, the fabric, and the way they fit so well into our eating area.
However…. a big HOWEVER.
The slip covers were forever coming up from the tucked in sides.
This is how they would look at the end of the day, after tucking them in to the back and sides very carefully and thoroughly in the morning.

I was going to try those plastic “grippers” they sell to slide down in there, but realized they were really meant for  larger upholstered pieces i.e. sofas.
A “rug to floor gripper pad”! Yes indeed. Put a strip of it on the chair, don’t tuck in at all, just lay flat, pull the slip cover back down, and wait and see!

I literally have not touched this slipcover in three months. Not a tuck, tug, or pull.
Yes, I was amazed.
Ok, this may sound SO trivial and, dare I say, dorky, to you… but it mattered to me!
End of helpful hint lesson #1. Enjoy!