I showed you a sneak peak of our day trip to the Porte de Vanves antique/flea market.
So much to see. Easy trip to get there. Weather was perfect: overcast and cool.
I was looking for just a few specific things; otherwise I was open to any and all!
My best, most treasured find first:
wallpaper samples
These were from salemen’s sample books and almost impossible to choose. I wanted to take them ALL home (maybe I should have??)
I did buy a selection of these and plan to frame them for my office…. eventually!
Moving right along, down the main aisle. Silver and lots of it.
Ceramics. Jars, plates, knick-knacks.
I bought my friend a very special petite vase from Gien… and I even managed to “bargain” the price down to less than 50% of the original. In French no less!
This one was a very close runner up, but I didn’t end up buying it.
I have a fondness/weakness for small tins:
Love this stack of paper for wrapping butter:
From the vendor with the wallpaper samples:
Loved these garden markers and would have brought one home…but each weighed
over 5 pounds.
This vendor had tools and dyes from a leather factory.  Not only were they interesting for the shape, but the texture and  colors were wonderful.
We ended up buying a few of these imprints which make perfect paper weights!

Anyone who knows me and my jewelry collection is aware of my colorful choices!
Bakelite and its look-a-likes always grab my attention.
And now… for my own, personal sweet little purchase:
This teeny bowl — is it really a bowl ? – is about 2″ across, chipped, worn and, to me, absolutely perfect!
It sits above my sink, or here on a mahogany table in the living room. I hope it’s enjoying its new home.
To see more about Sunday brocante markets, see my post about Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.
This is THE market, in my opinion… nothing else compares. The sheer variety, the size (large, but manageable), the dealers, the food available, the setting… it is all intoxicating!
Take a look at the App: Keys To The Fleas   Claudia has done a wonderful job of introducing all the markets and flea markets in Paris along with useful information i.e. how to get there, how to bargain, how to ship etc.
We would love to hear about your finds at flea markets!