Suddenly, as in overnight, the temperature has dropped and we are sleeping under a blanket again!
I’m even wearing a cotton sweater today; yesterday was shorts and sleeveless top.
I have been wanting to do a post on felt… as in felt accessories for home and y-o-u. The company I’ve had my eye on is
HWD FELT in Dublin, N.H.
American owned, American made, and a growing “small business”!
 How’s this for a spectacular pillow?
Or this?
Then there are the bags/totes/purses.
This clutch purse is quite adorable:
For something really unique, how about a “Fried Egg Purse”:
Then the slippers. I just might order some of these…
Cute jewelry/necklaces:
HWD shows at all the big trade shows including Atlanta and New York. I had first met them in Atlanta about two years ago and have followed their line and growing success, since then.
American made.
Useful and fun.
What more can you ask for?