I am feeling the N E E D to go to Paris!
Or, anywhere in France really.
But this year it’s Paris.
We’ve rented an apartment in Montmartre. And this time there is an elevator! Luxury. And, we are told, a view of Sacre Coeur from le balcon . Metro stop: Anvers.
Reason #1 to go to Paris:
I love the line of Bourjois cosmetics, found at Monoprix. The Liner Stylo is perfect x 10. Goes on smoothly, doesn’t need sharpening (can’t stand those), smudges nicely with a Q-tip, and one in black and one in blue will last me an entire year!
Reason #2:
What is this you may ask? Fabric from Provence drying on my clothes line in my house.
Provence Rugs has some new products coming to you!!! and this is part of it. No, I cannot reveal yet, but soon…..soon!
Delana: you know her,  my business partner over at Provence Rugs... will be joining me for a few days. We have a very fun food tour planned, but we will also be working on developing new products and ideas for Y O U.
Reason #3:
Aren’t these curtain rods great? I love the texture and color. I had bought them in a hardware store down in Apt several years ago. See the little hole for a screw? Well, they also come with double stick tape…and believe me, it works! Works so well I’ve never had a problem in two years. How simple is that?
These are the French doors we had installed when we remade the room
It’s about the curtains.
They are the best I could find… at Target. They’re cotton/poly so definitely not my first choice.
So now I headed to the wonderful, unique BHV. They have a huge… I mean H U G E… selection of curtains and materials, ready made or by the yard. On vera, n’est-ce pas? We will see.
While I’m there, I will also be looking for more of these Sabre cutlery.
These do not come cheap. One teaspoon is about $12.00. That’s why I bought these four two years ago and now I just must have more! More spoons? Some forks? Not sure. And I love the mix ‘n match potential with all their products, not to mention the colors!
My next post will be from across the big pond.
A bientot mes amies!
Here’s to loving Paris.
Musee Carnavalet