Maybe you’ve been wondering where… and how …. I am? No?
Well, I AM in Paris in our lovely, airy, light, spacious apartment.
And I am fine.
It’s hard to know just where to start up again with blogging as there is just SO much to say and see and do. Needless to say, we have been busy! The weather is typically Parisian: gray in the morning then the sun comes out, or gray all day when the forecast has shown full sun and warm. Go figure. So I dress accordingly: in layers. I’m partial to black leggings and maybe a short black dress over that, then a light sweater, followed by a heavier sweater, and, of course, a scarf! Never, ever go out without a scarf and/or pashmina!
We go in and out of a lot of churches and cathedrals. I realized a few days ago I was looking at a lot of gold. Some of the gold (leaf) has been polished and “renovated”, but some not. I like it both ways.
And the details in all of it are outstanding.
Take a look.
From the Cathedral in Rouen:


These are in the Tuileries garden, just outside the Louvre.

The cane seats were painted gold, in the Church of St. Pierre in Montmartre.

I’ll post again, although not on a regular schedule. I am taking pictures and putting them in Instagram, and then to Facebook and Twitter, so you can follow the visuals there..

A bientot mes amies!