It’s the end of summer and time to start some serious magazine reading!
Do you prefer paper on on-line? Both? 
There are a few days each month when our mailbox is overflowing with the latest paper issues of design magazines. I love it. My husband… not so much. 
I really have not been a fan of e-magazines until I bought, and worked with, my iPad! Oh, what a difference. I can download any issue and look at it again and again. Waiting in a doctor’s office? No problem: just browse my own magazines. I can bookmark pages, search websites through the links, bookmark the sites, add some images to my Pinterest boards……. and on and on. So, yes, I have become a fan.
Here are a few new (to me) that you might like. You probably know Lonny. But take a look at Ivy & Piper from Australia. Fabulous photos, lots of interesting layouts etc. Match was new to me and yes, I will be reading it; I just started following them on Pinterest. So take a look here, and click through to  some of these great resources!

The issues I’ve included here are from this summer; so subscribe to these and you will receive the next fall issues.

Matchbook is a bit more fashion oriented…but it will certainly keep you turning the pages and discovering all kinds of new looks for yourself and your abode!


Now that was fun, wasn’t it?