I have to admit, I am not a big DIYer. Give me a finished product or project any day!
However, there comes a time when we all must DO it right?
I had these two lamps, thanks to Marshalls, in my house for several years. We used them, but oh man, they were B A D. And the red shade. Well, brothel here we come!
So finally I took them both outside, taped them up, and spray painted with a Metallic Paint.
Lamp #1:
Back in the house, testing it with an old shade.
Of course it took me another few weeks to finally go and buy this
from Pottery Barn. I do like their collection of lamp shades…
Lamp #2. Same ultra-polished, faux chrome base. Yuck.
And here it is, on my office desk, reincarnated~
This is the Burlap Sheer Tapered Drum Shade from Pottery Barn. It’s too bad they are discontinuing this one: it’s one of my favorites. This is the Medium size.
It may have taken me what? three years…. better late than never, right?
Who knew (maybe you?) that spray painting lamps was that easy!