A little something new! 
Let’s take a look at some of my images from the past week.
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Lunch, chez nous. Blue cheese, figs, arugula and Prosecco!
A short trip up to Boston area:
Early morning in Concord, Mass. It was peaceful and quiet here by the boat launch.
The “Miss Mack” dinghy on the river bank
Then I drove over to Walden Pond. Oh, how I wish I had brought my bathing suit. Water was perfect; some serious swimmers out in the early morning!
The next day and I was back home. 
This is what I “commented” with my next image: 
I decided to go light on breakfast this Sunday. I had just been to the gym, and was headed to the pool to do laps, so nothing heavy for me. 
And last, but not least, some cut flowers from my garden. Just today.
“Posies for the dinner table”
Now aren’t they fun? Hope you will start following along!