It’s sweet alright!
Do you get frustrated trying to type on the iPad keyboard? It’s fine for temporary work, but not really user-friendly for writing long emails, or composing blog posts. I travel a bit and, thank goodness, can now take the iPad instead of the dreaded, heavy, put-in-the-bin-at-security laptop. Love that you don’t even have to put this cutie in a bin but can leave it in your purse!
I looked at all the reviews of several keyboards and cases to hold an iPad. I definitely wanted a one piece and not a separate keyboard. I wasn’t concerned if it added just a bit of weight and bulk.  This, 
the Logitech, consistently received the best reviews. What’s really neat is that it’s solar powered!
Expose the panels on the back to any kind of light and… pouf…power! So no recharging.
It worked instantly via Bluetooth. I love love love it.

Here you can see the solar panel on the back:
See? It almost looks like a regular keyboard!
Here the screen is positioned for video use: the keys at this bottom row have all you need to control your viewing: mute, sound, fast forward etc. I have a long flight coming up in September so will be using this to watch movies!
Here it is folded up and sleeping.
What WILL they think of next????