I wanted a soft, sea blue. But I’m not a blue person! I really, really had trouble with this one and the project consumed many hours of my time.
 I wanted a green/blue (not a lavender blue). But they were so teal-y! Dark? Mid-tone? Definitely did not want a pale.
Some of the runners up. I have to live with huge splotches on the wall…I have found it is the ONLY way I really know what the actual wall looks like. Painted boards just don’t do it for me. My husband groans with each project!
My go-to brand is almost always Benjamin Moore. But it just was not working this time.
So I ventured up to Sherwin Williams in Chapel Hill (where, by the way, I got my FABULOUS colors for my kitchen, thanks to Kelly at ColorSizzle!) .
We’re getting close.
And then, oh no…. I thought of using the Copper Harbor that we used in our back hall. More decisions.
Circling back to the cool, coastal, spa blues.
The three I liked were Blue Bonnet
Arctic Blue
They all look lighter, a lot lighter, here on the screen than on the walls.
But which?
This is where a good fabulous painter comes in. Enter my man Jacques!
Jacques speaks color. (He’s French: is it a natural talent?)
Why not use all three colors?
We started with the lightest and then made the other two each 50% darker.
Here you can see a touch of the Copper Harbor in the hallway.
Can you see? The recessed door area is the darkest. Most of the wall space is the mid-tone.
Again, the darkest color is on the right, around the door area.
Here you can see the wall above the cabinets is the lightest. This is carried through under the cabinets and over the counters.
A corner shot where you can really see the difference between light and mid colors.
It’s still a work in progress. When I’m satisfied with some more images, I’ll post a “final” story!
The ironing board has become a central issue, and DIY project; also the window treatment.
And on it goes…
However, I have to say that I love love love the colors! For someone who does not take to blue easily, this has won me over. It’s clean. It’s peaceful. It’s fresh.